The Old School Radio Dilemma

90s music collage (1)

Convincing  radio companies that playing any song on the air that will not cause people to run off…. or on the bright side… attract people to listen is a very hard job… In the case of Old School vs Oldies…  radio consultants say you grow out of hip hop when you are older so Old School music is still Oldies

consultants will give you a big red X on MC Hammermyself..  being of Old School age.. I changed my dancing style because of Hammer and now I’m a middle age working manager spending money from ads that i hear on the radio.

Are they my songs or does my Dad still have control of the radio even though I’m a grown up. He loved to jump up and dance when disco lady came on.

What working lady executive right now didn’t try to style her hair and clothes like TLC or SWV when they were in there 20’s…

and would they know Betty Wrights hair style… i guess they could ask their Mother… who are they advertising to…

as far as the radio executive is concerned the first thought is the listener hearing the product advertised… the Music problem could be solved with more people being polled or researched better within their particular markets and I feel black listeners should make up the bulk of people polled about radio… but … as a business man I need to remember radio is a business… so is it worth the business expense to poll and focus group 3 million people?… No..

with several stations in one city the bottom line for radio is to have more people listen to one station than the other station to sell the product to the type of people you are playing music for… so me getting to hear that One song that made Dallas jump let’s say in the summer of 1989 so to speak has to fall down the line somewhere…because most of those songs were not national hits… Being a business that has to make payroll they can’t be so sure people want to hear that song again without extensive research.

My Personal radio experience in the DFW market…

Princess – Say I‘m Your Number One… I heard this song riding along from Bastrop into Dallas with Rev. Smith, the Dad of my best friend Rory Smith while in High School. It was Never played in Austin. That song hit me so hard, I had to find the record when i got home.. So when I hear that song today it Takes me right back to that car ride and to the lovely ladies Rory and I were supposed to meet (bust)  …but anyway a song like this will never be heard again on the radio… ever.

How many people like me are out there in a particular market? Could it be possible to attract more listeners or having them listen longer if they knew they would hear that one song played in Power only in Dallas in 1989 … the song you danced to or kissed to or… well…

The recycled 1980’s “hits” playing takes me all the way back to last Tuesday around 3pm. But for that radio executive, it keeps his job.

My Answer!

Bottom line for radio the way its structured today…  it’s way too expensive to research to get it right and getting it right would not make a national profit only locally but payroll needs to be made nationally….(they have to eat and pay bills and taxes)..  so sadly for local radio listeners… it will stay the same for awhile.

The Bright side… Music will always needs a host.. if that’s not true clubs would not need an actual DJ to show up…  just play piped in mixes and watch the crowd leave…and sitting at home or driving alone playing your own stack of CD‘s like Pandora, iTunes Radio or Spotify can get boring… it’s nice to have someone to listen to on that long drive by yourself.. telling you about that song quickly, somebody that you can actually call and talk to and hear your voice go out… instead of typed words.. to millions of others listening..

so maybe One day there will be a Big Baby Kenny J or Mark McCrazy Dallas radio app for your phone sponsored locally by AT&T or Pepsi or somebody… that you can pull up on your bluetooth at 6am every week day morning in your car and maybe even watch them live at your desk when you get to work for local gossip and news or that favorite radio personality that gets you through that late night 3rd shift at work because you can call in or hear other people calling in from your neighborhood telling you about things in your neighborhood that you can get up and go to only a few miles down the street…

so from a local listener stand point… radio that you use to know will be back soon. and from a radio jocks stand point you can get back to conversation on the radio and stop screaming all over microphone… radio will come home.



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