We can do absolutely nothing to remove the stain of our own sin. Rom. 6:23

light of his presence, the_t_nt

We can do absolutely nothing to remove the stain of our own sin. It is for this reason that the Father sent His Son into the world.

The one satisfactory payment for sin is death Rom. 6:23, and because God wanted to spare us that punishment, He provided the only way out.

He gave the perfect sacrifice: His son, Jesus Christ Rom. 5:8.What did this loving act accomplish? It enabled us to approach almighty God as clean, pure, and holy men and women.

Our purity is not related to anything we ourselves have done; it is due exclusively to the fact that we have been purified in Jesus’ blood.

That’s why we can say we have been “washed in the blood,” which is the only way the stain of sin can be removed.When we come into a saving relationship with Jesus, the first thing to happen is that we are justified—in other words, God declares us “not guilty.”

This means that as believers, we can stand in the presence of a perfect, holy God, because He now sees us as His own children.Am I saying we’ll never sin? No.

However, when we place our faith in Jesus Christ as Savior, the penalty for all of our sin—past, present, and future—has been paid, and we will never face God’s condemnation Rom. 8:1.

Thank your heavenly Father today, not only for forgiving your sin, but also for freeing you from the burden of guilt. ‘Seeking a Higher Standard of Service to God


‘Blessings,Pastor J.

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