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Three the Hard Way is a 1974 action film starring Fred Williamson, Jim Brown, and Jim Kelly, written by Eric Bercovici and Jerrold L. Ludwig and directed by Gordon Parks, Jr.
Featuring the three biggest black action stars of the 1970s, in their first movie together, the film chronicled the group’s adventures in foiling the plot of white supremacists plotting to kill the black population of the United States by poisoning the water supply.

Three The Hard Way was released in 1974 and is considered one of the classic action movies of the blaxploitation genre.

Directed by the acclaimed Gordon Parks Jr., son of Gordon Parks (Shaft 1971) and director of Super Fly (1972), the film stars the three biggest black action stars of the era.

Jim Brown (The Dirty Dozen, El Condor, Slaughter) as record producer Jimmy Lait, Fred Williamson (Black Caesar, Bucktown) as entrepreneur Jagger Daniels, and Jim Kelly (Enter the Dragon, Black Samurai, Black Belt Jones, One Down Two to Go) as martial arts master Mister Keyes.

via Three the Hard Way (film) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


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