In West Dallas, an argument over an ex-wife’s living arrangements leaves one man shot to death in parking lot | Crime Blog

49-year-old Freddie Samuel and 52-year-old Kevin Cooks were shouting at each other in parking lot of the Hamptons at Lakewest on Bickers Street, a housing community operated by the Dallas Housing Authority. Police say the dispute had to do with Samuel living with Cooks’ ex-wife.

As Samuel was walking to his car, police say, Cooks got a rifle and shot Samuel one time in the chest. He then sped away in his pickup. A witness who knows Cooks told police what had happened — that Cooks shot Samuel, who was pronounced dead at Parkland Memorial Hospital.

As it turned out, Cooks headed home — to Longview, about 130 miles east of Dallas. At 1:07 this morning, Cooks called Dallas police and said he would turn himself in to police there. Dallas police say he did. Cooks has not yet been booked into the Dallas County jail.

via In West Dallas, an argument over an ex-wife’s living arrangements leaves one man shot to death in parking lot | Crime Blog.

Preston Lowe – KBFB Dallas
The T.I. Exclusive Listening Party Dallas Texas I’m somewhere in the group of folks -Preston Lowe

The Chubby Knuckle Choir’s CD release. Played at Gruene Hall, Gruene, Texas on March 21, 2013. The song is “I Was Wrong,” written by Perry Lowe and Rory Smith.

Miscarriage Matters Inc.

Esther Stanard
Founder and CEO at Miscarriage Matters Inc
Greater Chicago Area | Nonprofit Organization Management
If you’ve experienced a loss, our hearts go out to you. You don’t need to be alone, we’re here. If you know someone in need of support: help them, encourage them to join, and watch them heal.

Information Research Company
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