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Lakeside - Something About That Woman Official Video - YouTube

Success in California was not immediate. On many occasions, Lakeside scoured the streets, equipment in tow, looking for opportunities to play live.

When a “gig” told them that they could play if they were ready by 1 am that same day, they often had to jump at the opportunity. Lakeside was good, though, and through word-of-mouth, better opportunities began to present themselves.

After about six months, they were playing the best venues, e.g., “Whiskey a Go-Go,” “Starwood Theatre,” and “The Roxy.”

At “Mavericks Flats” another of the big-time venues of the day, By now they added another vocal (Otis Stokes) to replace Ricky Abernathy, and a new percussionist (Fred Lewis) the group was seen by Dick Griffey, a promoter handling successful artists like Stevie Wonder.

Impressed by the group, he offered his friendship and advice, and began informally managing Lakeside in early 1974.

It was also in 1974 that Lakeside met Frank Wilson and signed a deal with Motown. Things seemed to be looking up at this point, but unfortunately, Motown was promoting/prioritizing other groups, and shelved what they had produced for Lakeside. When Frank Wilson left Motown in 1976, for ABC Dunhill, Lakeside went with him.

It was in 1977 that Lakeside’s success really started to accelerate. That year, the group, going by the name Lakeside released their self-titled debut album, which featured the single, “If I Didn’t Have You.”

It was also around this time that the group debuted on Soul Train, performing a Beloyd Taylor and Peter Cor composition (produced by Melvin Ware), “Shine On,” which helped pave the way for what was to come.

As fate would have it the time had come for Lakeside to be a major player in creating the next chapter, with the addition of barefoot drummer (Fred Alexander Jr.) whom they had seen years before criss crossing paths throughout the midwest, with a band he started called “Liquid Funk,” in his hometown Dallas TX, it was Shockley who said: “He always played with his Tom Toms real high”.

At this time the group was being approached by, Whitfield Records, Motown and Solar Records, in the end choosing Solar Records own by Dick Griffey with stable mates The Whispers, Shalamar, Midnight Star, Klymaxx, and Carrie Lucas, Alexander stating, “They were the only one’s that would let us write our songs, they let us be who we are today, “Lakeside”, and the rest is history in the making, the journey continues.
Something About That Woman

via Lakeside – Something About That Woman Official Video – YouTube.
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