The Cosby Mysteries | part 1 |Video

The Cosby Mysteries – Pilot
Guy Hanks is a criminologist who works for the New York Police Department. After winning the lottery, he retires. But feeling bored, he occasionally helps his friend, Detective Adam Sully, whenever he is stumped.

Cosby played Guy Hanks, a New York City Police Department criminalist who retired from the force after winning $44 million in the lottery. However, his peaceful retirement was frequently interrupted since he was called in as a consultant on tough cases by his old partner, Adam Sully (James Naughton). As Hanks used his wits and his forensics knowledge to solve crimes, he dealt with his holistic housekeeper Angie (Rita Moreno) and his girlfriend Barbara Lorenz (Lynn Whitfield).[3]

The show was created by David Black and William Link. Link’s previous series included Columbo and Murder, She Wrote. Link developed the series at Cosby’s request, as Cosby wanted to do an intelligent, character-driven mystery series that did not rely on graphic violence.

The show began in January 1994 as a two-hour movie, and regular episodes began airing on NBC in September

via The Cosby Mysteries – Pilot (part 1) – YouTube.
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