Chicago Preacher Bishop Trotter Sparks Outrage with Granddaughter Bath Picture

“This might seem innocent but my question to you is why on earth you are taking a bath where your 4/5 year old granddaughter can just walk in on you and question about the bubbles in the tub.
“Another wrote: “I simply could not find anything right with this picture and I looked for 3 minutes”

Bishop Larry Trotter of the Sweet Holly Spirit Church caused uproar on Twitter after sharing the intimate snap with his fans on the popular photo-sharing site.

In the picture, Trotter and his granddaughter smile for the camera while covered in bubbles form the neck down. It is not clear whether they are naked.

via Chicago Preacher Bishop Trotter Sparks Outrage with Granddaughter Bath Picture.


2 thoughts on “Chicago Preacher Bishop Trotter Sparks Outrage with Granddaughter Bath Picture

  1. OMG. This is what i keep saying, I have look at this picture over and over again. I want to know how does a grow man let his 4 year old (GIRL) get in the tub with him. DCF needs to get invovle, the mother needs to be question. This is a outrage, I hope the police is getting invovle also. I can’t see a grow man in the tub with a little girl, I don’t care if it was his own child. We call people like this child molester, I knew that was a gay, thats why his wife left him, he is suppose to be a a man of god. You know we have a lot of so call PRECHER out there, if this goes with out him going in front of the court, and i mean the judge really need to show a example.I rememeber not so long ago the judge put a man in jail for putting tape over a 2year old mouth. Lets see what happen to him, his old ass needs to be under the jail. I was talking to my mom yesterday about this. she said there are some who think they get a way with crime like this, she said if he get away with it in the eyes of the law. She said i promise you ,god will be waiting on him. VERY VERY VERY VERY SAD!!!!!!!!!!
    THIS IS FOR THE MOTHER IF YOU JUST SO HAPPEN TO READ THIS, SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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