I Was Wondering why It Took The Hurricane Sandy Relief Bill So Long To Get Signed | BECAUSE The Political CROOKS Got To it First!!!

• $10.8 billion for public transportation future projects THAT WILL BE FIGURED OUT AT SOME OTHER TIME! SOME OTHER TIME?!?

• $207 million for the Department of Veterans Affairs’ Manhattan Medical Center. *NOT TO ANY VETERANS… TO THE CENTER!!!. Good luck getting anything needed from the center Vets.

• $199 million in tax breaks for rum makers. Hey, Anybody That Knows Me knows I like a Good Rum and Coke with No- Ice BUT 199 MILLION WORTH OF A GOOD DRUNK and WHAT HELL DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH A HURRICANE.

• $188 million for upgrading, not repairing, Amtrak rail lines. I Guess the Hurricane Damaged the Tracks?!?

•$150 million for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to provide fisheries in Alaska. – Now, Now Wait a minute… HOW ABOUT A HOUSE FOR SOMEONE WHO LOST THEIRS IN NEW JERSEY!

• $100 million for a federal day-care program. What Federal Day Care Program… WHERE?… A Day Care for those with Children in the Northeast?!?

• $57 million for tracking debris from the 2011 Japanese tsunami. 2011? WHAT?!?

• $20 million for a national “water priorities” study. – oK! I’M DONE!

• $8 million to buy vehicles and equipment for the departments of Justice and Homeland Security. I Guess?!?

Might as well throw in a carton of cigarettes.



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