Guard ‘Caught Having Sex With Dog’ | ZimEye

Sources close to the case alleged that it was not the first time Mr Piki had had sex with the dog.

“We heard rumours that he was doing it sometime in June. The rumours were difficult to believe, but with the latest development, it becomes credible that he has been doing it for some time. We heard that he would tie it up before having sex with it. We also heard that the gardener was attracted by the dog’s continuous howling when he stumbled on the incident,” said one of the sources.

Another source said Mr Piki had been suspended from work as the police and his employer carried out investigations into the incident.

However, in an interview, Mr Piki denied the allegations.

“These are all lies being spread by the gardener. I keep the clock in and out book at the premises and he is always late. He made up the story because I have given him several warnings and recently told him I would tell the boss that he is often late,” said Mr Piki.

via Guard ‘Caught Having Sex With Dog’ « National « ZimEye – Comments Page 1.


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