Panetta Said… When we were informed, the attack in Benghazi was already underway | Wichita Military Affairs | Examiner

United States Ambassador Stevens Was Dragged To His Death along with others on 9. 11. 2012. But We are concerned about Sex in the CIA. I’m Concerned about what’s in store for us next Year!
Question: “Going back to Benghazi.”

Panetta: “You know one of the things that we are doing right now is we are involved in an assessment between DOD and the State Department to look at the embassies in that region and what additional steps need to be taken in order to ensure the security of our embassies.

So, you know, we do need to look at how we can

1) improve the security and 2) be able to effectively respond if there are any threats. With regards to Benghazi itself, I think it’s been pointed out we moved very quickly to deploy the forces that we thought were important to deal with the threats in the region.

We deployed those forces as quickly as we could, but the problem with Benghazi itself was that the events there were happening on a rapid pace and that attack was largely over by the time we could respond.”

via Benghazi: When we were informed, the attack was underway, Panetta said – Wichita Military Affairs |


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