COMMENT UPDATE April 2nd 2012| Bastrop Christian Church Pastor Rick Bartlett was arrested Friday for allegedly beating a cat to death.

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13 thoughts on “COMMENT UPDATE April 2nd 2012| Bastrop Christian Church Pastor Rick Bartlett was arrested Friday for allegedly beating a cat to death.

  1. Some people have called the Bastrop Christian Church, and spoke with someone named “Ann” who says they are backing their pastor 100%, and that its just business as usual at the church, just like no one cares. I have heard some of them say “he is only a man, and he just made a mistake”. Starving and abusing an animal and then discarding it like a piece of trash is more than just a mistake, its not like it was an accident. I guess all criminals could say they just made a mistake when they get caught.

    • These are ignorant people on a Ship of Fools. Sounds like a cult mentality, even though it’s supposed to be a “Christian” church. If “Ann” and her fellow church members cannot relate to this brutality, they need a lot of help with what is being taught at that church.

      • @Raymond

        I agree with you 100%. If this Bastrop Christian Church and “Ann” is backing their preacher who “for three days forgot” about an entrapped, starved, tortured senior neighborhood cat with a collar and ID that was kept in the back of Rick’s pick-up truck then I don’t think Pastor Rick is capable of running a church anymore. Sounds like he and his wife, Tina Bartlett, are developing dementia or are very hard of hearing or just out right possessed by the Devil. If Rick is so forgetful over a cat, he might forget his sermons or to even show up on Sunday for church service if he can’t even remember or hear a howling cat in the back of his truck for three long cold days and nights.

        Honestly, who actually believes that Rick and Tina Bartlett didn’t observe Moody for the past four years of living in the same neighborhood as the Bell family? As a child, I knew the name of every neighbor and ALSO the names of their cats and dogs in my old neighborhood.
        I just don’t buy this bogus excuse of Rick’s that this was the first time they ever laid eyes on Moody and that they didn’t read Moody’s ID tags. I know that both Bartletts can read and are not blind.

        I would love to sell a bridge and some swamp land to this entire Bastrop Christian Church congregation if they are so gullible to believe this despicable fairytale.

        Since Rick has been let go from Bastrop Christian Church, he started a new home based church called:

        Riverside Christian Church
        609 Jessica Place
        Bastrop, TX

        The new church phone number: (512) 718-0190.

        Sunday church starts at 10:00 AM

  2. This man has no business and no right preaching the word of God. Torturing and murdering one of God’s souls is reprehensible in any circumstance, but from a source like this?? Unbelievable. That the congregation nullifies his actions?? Incomprehensible. Says alot about the people of this church.

    • As a member of Bastrop Christian Church and knowing Rick Bartlett personally you are judging another before you have even heard all the facts. All of the information is from the point of view of the cat’s owners. Rick Bartlett has not made any public statements so no one knows what really happened. I am not saying that he did or did not do anything, but I am at least reserving my comments until after the facts of the case are presented. Who are you to judge him or the members of Bastrop Christian Church?

      • Bartlett was known and admitted to having custody of the cat including taking it to Animal Control and then offering to take it home. So lots of people know what happened. Those familiar with animal cruelty and animal abusers can see right through the lies surrounding what happened to this poor cat. Better keep a close watch on the children at the church; animal abuse and child molesters are known to be closely linked in the same person. From what I’ve read, some members of your church already think Bartlett and his wife both have some problems with the congregation. Better start paying attention; this cat was just a warning. I’m sure he’s done this before, just didn’t get caught. He is a very sick individual and needs to be watched closely.

      • Are you kidding? He already admitted to having kitty for three days in a cage with no food or water.. You support that treatment of one of GODs living animals? Not to mention it was found at the bottom of a bridge after suffering for who knows how long. The animal was in his care and this is what happened to it. Better look out for the children there as well. This is one sick …I dont even know what to call this guy. He’s not a man, not an animal because animals are innocent, well, I guess evil monster is what he is! The people of this so called church make me just as sick for suppoting him. There will not be sick people like this in heaven. Heaven will be a place of peace for all GODS creation so if they cant be tolerant of animals here how do these jerks think they are going to be accepted into a place of peace? Pastor is also making athiests out of children. Way to go..I have heard all the facts I need to understand this monster is guilty. What on earth is wrong with the church members? This monster must be asked to step down!

      • Good citizens who don’t torture and kill our neighbors animals. THAT”S WHO YOU FOOL. Bastrop church should be disbanded and investigated.

      • @Member:

        Yes, I am sure that Rick was read his Miranda rights and chose to remain silent for good reason and will have his defense lawyer do the talking for him at his trial on May 9 and May 13 at the Bastrop, Texas courthouse.

        I understand that you are a member of Rick’s flock and are a personal friend and I am all for loyalty and you sound like a good and trustworthy pal. However, you might want to remove the rose colored glasses and if you have any children you might want to lock them up in your attic if your good friend and pastor, Rick and his wife, Tina, pay a visit to your home.

        This story about Rick Bartlett and Moody has gone nationwide and not just from the owners of Moody. The cat, Moody was wearing a collar and an ID tag and you can observe the collar and the tag if you look at the Original petition case # Case # 28.467. It is a 14 page called the Original Petition 1. Here is the URL or hyperlink to it:

        Rick admitted to entrapping the cat in a cage for three days in his pick-up truck and totally “forgot about” him. Rick was the last person to be seen with Moody by the Animal Control officer. What more evidence do you need, Mr. “Member” of Bastrop Christian Church? Do you need a signed affidavit from Moody that Rick Bartlett pushed him over HWY Bridge 150?

        Maybe the vet performed an autopsy and found Rick’s DNA on Moody’ body. Here is a quote Greg Maynard, the examining veterinarian with the Crossroads Animal Hospital had to say about trying to revive Moody and save his life. He said Moody had severe internal injuries but no external injuries consistent with being hit with a car. Maynard said Moody was “just laid out like a sack of potatoes. No obvious signs of trauma externally. No blood or nothing broke.”

        And as for Bartlett being seen with Moody, here is more evidence.
        The same Animal Control Officer who came to the injured cat’s aid last Tuesday was the same officer who assisted Bartlett earlier that day. She recognized the cat which is how police made the connection to the pastor.

        Rick and Tina cared more about the appearance of their yard than they did about being neighborly and doing the “right and Christian thing” and returning an ID collared cat that they obviously knew belonged to their neighbor if they lived in the same neighborhood for over four years. Whatever happened to good ol’ southern hospitality? Killing your neighbor’s cat is not very hospitable and, Mr. Member” it sounds like you might want to rethink about who you pal around with and what new church congregation you want to join. There must be hundreds of great Texas churches that do not have cat killing preachers leading their flock.

  3. What is the name of the “new” church that Pastor Rick Bartlett has started now? After this incident, he was let go from Bastrop Church and, I heard that he took his receptionist, Ann, along with him and some of his other flock went to his new church. He is also still married. Tina Bartlett must be very co-dependent.
    Lord have mercy! Are some people that blind in that church and turning a blind eye to this sadistic monster? Can someone please write any information, about the name and the location of where Pastor Bartlett’s “new church” is. I have searched the internet and haven’t had any luck yet so I would appreciate any help you can give me in locating “Brother” Rick Bartlett’s new church.
    Thank you,

  4. Justice For Moody The Cat—

    I would LOVE to be on the jury for Pastor Rick Bartlett and his wife, Tina Bartlett.
    Please sign me up! I will be first in line with bells on my toes and my nails sharpened–“MEOW!”

    I am not a “good ol’ boy” and Pastor Bartlett wouldn’t con me. He is a coward and his wife is an accomplice, co-dependent, and an enabler. She knew the cat was captured, imprisoned in a cage, starved and tortured with bleeding paws and she went right along like a “good church wife” should with her “hubby’s” actions.

    According to the petition that has been filed with the courts, this is not Pastor Rick Bartlett’s first animal theft, as you will read in the Original Petition 1. He is a repeat offender with obvious “rage” issues that suggest he is in serious need of psychiatric treatment and long term incarceration. He also owns a dog who probably barks. (Hope the surrounding neighbors don’t push the dog off a forty-foot bridge like Pastor Bartlett did to poor Moody.)

    Now there are Moody’s veterinarian bills to be paid, there are court and attorney fees, emotional pain, lies, heartache, loss of faith from the five-year old daughter of the Bell Family, emotional trauma, neighborhood, city and national discord all due to Rick Bartlett’s needing to be the “BIG MAN OF THE CLOTH” over a tiny, defenseless animal that he hadn’t met before that even had an ID collar. (You will see photos of ID Moody’s collar as evidence if you look at the website/Original Petition 1.)

    Pastor Rick Bartlett is NO longer preaching at Bastrop Christian Church. He left the church after this incident.

    Pastor Rick has started a “NEW” church called:

    Riverside Christian Church
    609 Jessica Place
    Bastrop, Texas 78602

    His email address is:

    The church phone number: (512) 718-0190.

    If you want to call and say “Hello” to Brother Rick Bartlett, I am sure he would love to tell you all about his “NEW” church. If you don’t get ahold of Pastor Bartlett, ask for Ann the secretary/receptionist or ask to speak to his wife, Tina Bartlett.

    Below you can read about his case in this Original Petition 1/of Bell vs. Bartlett–“Justice For Moody.”

    I highly recommend that you copy and paste this web address in your URL address line and read the whole petition to get the accurate names, dates, times, and the facts. It is not a biased account. It is written by proper authority figures that are professionals.

    Here is the website:

  5. There is only one side of this story. Who is dumb enough to “forget” about a living creature int he back of a truck. Is he that stupid?? I wouldn’t recommend letting him run a church. As a born again Christian, I can tell you this is NOT how a true christian acts…..let alone any human being. You are a coward Rick Bartlett and a disgusting person. Forgiveness doesnt mean we need to forget what you did.

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