FLASHBACK | Cops Say Man Used Pics of Naked Woman To Kill Best Friend

The Brownsville man who police say had his best friend killed with the help of two young women surrendered Monday, police said.

Cops scooped up Rajene Powell-Dickerson, 25, at his lawyer’s office and later charged him with second-degree murder. A police source said he clammed up without making any statements to investigators.

Powell-Dickerson is suspected of orchestrating the murder of Dwayne Burnett, 26, last June after the pair – once best friends – argued about money.

Powell-Dickerson hired Jimmy Copeland for $10,000, police sources said.

Copeland, in turn, enlisted the help of his sister, Crystal Copeland, and another woman, Ebony Geddie, both of whom set Burnett up by texting him nude pictures of themselves and inviting him to a sex party, sources said.

When Burnett showed up, Copeland shot him to death, police said.

via Rajene Powell-Dickerson, who allegedly had best friend executed over money woes, surrenders to cops.

Preston Lowe – KBFB Dallas
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